Hátizsák hordozható műszerekhez, nagy méretű, nylon, kerekekkel

Hátizsák hordozható műszerekhez, nagy méretű, nylon, kerekekkel
Termékszám: 2985000
HUF Ár (nettó): Elérhetőségünk


The answer to hands-free portability of analytical testing equipment, these backpacks combine contemporary styling with innovative design.


The adjustable divider system allows you to create customized compartments to organize equipment just the way you like it.


Lightweight, thick padding material gives superior protection during transportation. A stitched foam back panel makes the backpack well suited for either short or long testing adventures. The sternum buckle system adds support when carrying heavier equipment.
A telescoping handle system and a comfort pad provide additional comfort when used as a backpack. The large backpack can also be used as a wheeled bag or a backpack with in-line skate wheels.

Műszaki adatok

Anyag: Nylon, műanyag textil
Hossz: 152 mm
Magasság: Azonosító:
Méretek (MxSZxM): 432 mm x 356 mm x 152 mm
Súly: Teherbírás: 13,6 kg

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