LuminUltra PhotonMaster Luminometer w/Tablet

Termékszám: EQP-TAB-PMT
HUF Ár (nettó): Elérhetőségünk

The LuminUltra PhotonMaster tablet bundle includes the PhotonMaster (a rugged, low-cost and portable luminometer), which utilizes LuminUltra's 2nd Generation ATP test kits to measure total active microorganisms in any sample. Total active microorganism levels indicate contamination risk and provide real-time, actionable data to keep your drinking water, wastewater, or industrial process running smoothly and efficiently. The Photonmaster offers a substantial improvement over competitive platforms in both time and cost per test. The PhotonMaster pairs with LumiCalc data analysis software on the included Dell tablet computer to quickly and intuitively display and store results. For operation indepedent of any computer, choose the Kikkoman Lumitester C-110, also offered by Hach.

  • Detect total active microorganisms in any type of sample
  • Results in minutes - not hours or days - for real-time results
  • Simple and straightforward testing procedure to minimize errors and take action in real-time
  • Lab or field operable for maximum flexibility
  • USB powered and operated for portability and simplicity