LuminUltra LumiCalc Data Analysis & Collaboration Software - Lifetime License

Termékszám: LC-SOFT-L
HUF Ár (nettó): Elérhetőségünk
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LumiCalc software manages and delivers value from your ATP test data, and integrates directly with the PhotonMaster luminometer or manually with the Kikkoman Lumitester C-110. A user-friendly graphical interface delivers relevant content with just a few clicks instead of hours of spreadsheet work. Collaboration features enable rapid sharing with co-workers or other authorized users, allowing problem-solving with your decision-making team. Integrate your process data into LumiCalc for even greater time savings and an integrated dashboard view. Your data is always backed up and encrypted for maximum safety and security.

  • Interpret and display relevant ATP and process data quickly for actionable results.
  • Save hours of spreadsheet work with user-friendly graphical interface and powerful analytical tools.
  • Links directly to the PhotonMaster Luminometer for instant transfer of results.
  • Rapid and secure sharing allows collaborative decision-making.
  • Automatic backup and encrypted sharing for safety and security